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OURS is more than just a translation group; we also care about language localization. Knowing that our clients increase their needs in localization services, we have linguists who are well-trained with CAT tools such as Trados , Idiom, LEAF, Smartling and Memo Q. 

OURS LOCALIZAITION GROUP was established by a group of professional and enthusiastic linguists. Our major clients include: Welocalize, Moravia, VistaTEC , IOTA,  OneSky, Pactera, Dialogue UK,Transatlantic Translations Group, Elite Group, Lee And Li Attorneys at Law, NTU...


OURS has great expertise in recruiting experienced linguists to help our distinguished clients. With our passion with translation and localization, we are ready to provide you with an unprecedented localization experience! To request quotes or learn more information, please feel free to email us at: We are very happy to provide you with free test translation!


"OURS Linguistic Services" was established with a focus on creating a high-quality localization company in the field of language services, and specializing in translation/localization for various topics including games, marketing, and technology.



Started collaborations with academic institutions such as National Taiwan University and National Chengchi University, and continued to offer localization-related courses at National Taiwan University.



Developed a dedicated team capable of handling large-scale projects exceeding millions of words, including specialized personnel such as project managers, subject-matter language experts, quality controllers, and quality assurance professionals. Handled localization projects for renowned technology companies' internal training systems, the localization of three major cloud database systems, and marketing and manuals for a well-known graphics card company.


Commenced collaborations with major law firms in Taiwan, and assisted with translation requests of litigation documents and legal column articles.


Initiated the process of machine translation post-editing (MTPE) as well as expanded the business regarding Simplified Chinese into traditional Chinese HT translation for prestigious game titles.


Expanded language projects to cover major languages in the Asian region, including Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, and Lao, and diversified business operations into areas such as medicine, law, finance, game testing, hardware testing, and market research.


Established "OURS Linguistic Services" in the United Kingdom. Started business cooperation with the National Performing Arts Center, responsible for translating various music and art performances.


Adopted ISO standards and obtained various certifications from SDL including Trados 2019 Advanced certification.


Launched the "Offshore Development Center" program for some of our clients. Became a major overseas operational partner for renowned technology companies and LSP companies operating in Asia. Besides providing uninterrupted business processing for 24 hours, the company also assists clients in expanding into Asian markets and handling customer relationship management. At the same year, we started serving as a localization translation consultant for ASUSTeK Computer Inc., and assisting in software localization training and improving the localization process.


Expanded the collaboration with our clients on European languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, and other Eastern European languages.


Initiating the AIPE (Artificial Intelligence Post-Editing) program, training AI to achieve accurate translations and various preferred writing styles through human-machine collaboration. This approach significantly reduces client costs and enhances work efficiency.



Idiom (World Server Workbench), Trados , Passolo, Wordfast, Helium, LEAF (LocStudio), QTLinguist, MemSource, OddJob, Wordfast, MemoQ, SDLX, Smartling

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OURS Services

More Than Translation .We Localize ! 

Software Localization

Game Localisation

Law / Finance

Technical Manuals (UA/UI)

Medical / Life Science

Offshore Development Center &

Manpower Dispatch Service


Market Research &

Questionnaire Survey

Project Experinces

As of 2022**, our company has specialized primarily in major Asian languages, Russian, Ukrainian, and Eastern European languages. Moreover, we have handled a total of 64-lanugage projects. Some of the lesser-known languages/dialects include Lyélé, Muong, Kinh, and Taiwanese Romanization. The projects cover a wide range of fields, with the largest portion being cloud data, system development, marketing documents, and application localization for technology companies. We have also worked on localization projects for various AAA games developed by well-known gaming companies and mobile games. Additionally, we have experiences in translating legal articles, litigation documents, medical documents, medical experiment reports, medical handbooks, financial magazines, and financial reports. Our company maintains stable and long-term partnerships in these areas. We are also capable of handling localization-related tasks such as hardware testing, exhibition manuals, market research surveys, and have a significant track record in these fields.

Cloud Database

VMware, Salesforce,Prominent Cloud Services including company G, company A and company M.*

Antivirus Software

Avast, Kaspersky, McAfee.

Application Program (Apps) / General Software
Design and development, website support, technical documentation, map information, cloud services, training, UI/UX, and various fields from the top 20 technology companies worldwide*

Device Testing

iOS, Android, PC

Financial Sector

Well Fargo, HSBC


Legal Field
legal knowledge-related articles from Lee and Li Attorneys-at-Law 
Law documents from Chinese International Law Office (CILO)

Medical Field

Heartware Devices, Healthcare*

Game Translation

Forza、Shenmue III、Halo、Mobile games, Puzzle, Adventure, Fighting, Racing, RPG, AVG, FPS, and other popular games.*

Subtitle Translation / Streaming Media

Prominent Streaming Platforms including comany N and company Y.*


Entertainment Translation (Web Comics, Anime, Variety Shows, etc.)

Major Korean Comic Platform V.*

Social Media/Messaging Software

Prominent Platforms including company M, company L and company D.*

Other Categories

Including translation of books, music manuals, exhibition materials, industrial products, and more.

Offshore Development Center

To assist our clients in Europe and America in achieving 24-hour operations, expanding into the Asian market, maximizing the efficiency of human resources, and providing exceptional customer service, we have developed an "Offshore Development Center" plan focusing on the Asian time zone. Currently, we have established partnerships with several Silicon Valley companies and continue to collaborate actively.

*Due to non-disclosure agreements (NDA), we are unable to disclose the specific company names and project details. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


**Over the past decade, we have worked on numerous cases. The following list provides a reference of significant projects that are representative and of a substantial scale. However, please note that we are unable to display specific names due to NDA constraints. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Marketing / Commercial


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